Year2 Semester2 Result Day

25/07/2014 (Friday)
25th of July is USM's real result day...
Start from 9 o'clock in the morning, we can check our result via campus online which is USM student portal..
and I believe some of USM students will post something related to their result in the Facebook...

First of all, let's me congrats to those are getting Dean List in this semester including me..
I was shocked when I first checked my result and could not believe it is my real result...
Because I never expect I could get Dean List again..
Before that, I knew myself answer not well in the final exam...
I even did some mistakes in the examination and felt upset for a few days...
I blamed myself why I should not put more effort to score the subject...
I also expected myself getting worse grade or low pointer in this semester..
But until today, I felt surprised when I saw my result with my own eyes..
Thanks GOD.. 

Management Accounting- A
Entrepreneurship- A
Japanese Level 2- A
Human Resource Management- A-
Managerial Psychology- A-
Social Psychology- B+
LSP403 English for Business and Communication- B

and the result for this semester (GPA) is 3.67 which is has been increased about 0.08 compared with last semester (3.59)..
Just hope my result can maintain in this pointer and do not drop again..
I wish to push my CGPA into First Honour Class if possible..
Just hope what I wish can be achieved in final year..

Lastly, I feel proud to say that: I'm third year Management student..
Goodbye, second year of university..
and continue to add oil in your studies, Wern Sing...