The Off Day for 4 days~

28/05/2012(MONDAY) I spent my 4 days holiday with nothing~ My lovely grandmother enter hospital~After had a body checked,the doctor said that my grandmum ate too much medicine and the virus start go to her brain...cause her talking non sense~ So,this few days,we went to hospital continuosly to visit and take care her~ her body not strong as before~ Thrusday,I was get complained by parents~she said that I shout too loudly and their kids will get shock~ At the moment~I really want to scolded back:WTF><(too rude dy I think) If u too sayang ur child,pls teach ur child urself~you will understand my situation dy~ But,I'm still a worker,cant give any comments or opinion~ So,i just keep quiet and listened the complain~ SHIT^^At that moments,I want to resigned~ I hate to teach them~~ After thinking twice~I just canceled my decision~ Just another 2 months~yuhuuu~~I will back to my study life~

The May!

TUESDAY(09/05/2012) It's May month~ Today,I just realised that I had a longtime din't updating my blog~ Just want to tell everyone,I'M FINE~ AND,I'M HAPPY too^^ May~it's meant that I already work at kintergarten as a teacher almost 5 months~ CONGRATULATION TO MYSELF^^ I couldn't imagine that what my life will going on~ I just hope that my life will full of hapiness,joyful and unforgetable~ Many times,i try to give up my job now~but just because of some reason,I make myself be strong~ I treat this challenge as my mission~~ possible mission! I'm 20!!I'm a mature girl now!! I will learn how to be mature in thinking,attitude and even talking~ I will learn how to be a good girlfriend too~ I want be the best!! The best !! WAoooo~~20's life!!colourful!!