Third Year Uni Life

21/10/2014 (Tuesday) 

After a few weeks of semester reopen, now it is my mid-sem break..
But I think it is my study week instead of my holiday...
Two midterms are waiting for me...
One is subjective with essay and another one is MCQ exam..
I wonder why people said that OB major students will be much easier to cope with their studies..
I don't think so as I have a lot of tutorial homework need to be settled every week...
Especially my major subjects are really driving me crazy..
Well, I'm taking six subjects plus golf as ko k in this semester...
This is standard amount of subjects for our Management student...
I knew some people from other courses would not take so much subject per sem..

Before the mid sem break came, there was a mid term for my core paper (International Business)..
Although it was MCQ, but it was quiet tougher for me actually...
Exam was held only one hour and I spent the one hour to think the answer...
But, when I saw some of my friends spent around half hour to complete the exam..
I was thinking whether the exam is easy for them or this is my ability problem..
Every choices (ABCD) seemed similar and I faced dilemma in choosing the correct answer..
Some of them told me, if you don't know what to do with the answer, just simply look at which answer has the longest sentence and then circle it...
Well, I admitted sometimes it is work..but not for every time..Hahahaha !! Depend on your luck..
With this mindset and I've got A- in my IB midterm... 

and Last Thursday I just done my Korean Hangeul and Listening test..
After taking Japanese level 2, I don't have the intention to proceed my Japanese to level 3..
and I switched to Korean level 1..
For me, I still prefer to Japanese because it is quiet simple for me and the sentence structure quiet easy to understand....

What I am happy for this sem is I don't have any classes on Friday..Woohooo ^^
but there is a peak day for me with full of classes from 9am until 10pm on Tuesday..
It is the super tiring day for me..And I started to dislike Tuesday..
But luckily Wednesday is the happy day for me because only have two classes until 12pm...

I not really want to participate in any event just want to collect my MyCSD for my hostel purpose..I'm not longer staying in the hostel and now moving out to my brother house at Penang. 
I'm not interested with the events with MyCSD provided anymore unless it is related to my internship program ...
I just want to be a free people and don't want rampas the MyCSD from others like previously..

I feel lucky to have them to make my university life becomes meaningful and colourful..
Although I moved out to outside of USM but we still have time to join together..

One of my best friends is HER, Kc Cheng...
She is my best buddy, sister and friends in my life..
We knew each other since primary school and became classmate started from Form1 until Form6..
and now, we are studying at the same university..
Although we are not taken the same major but we still have the opportunities to eat lunch together sometimes..

This boy is also one of my hometown friend..
We knew each other since secondary school and became classmates as well..
I never forget you are the ones who never give up in teaching me on add mathe..
Thanks a lot lot..
Last Saturday night was his Orchestra performance..and I bought the ticket to support him..
Well done, my friend..

This is my gang of coursemates but some of us are taking different major...
Some are Finance and some are Organizational Behavior..
But we always have our lunch and dinner together..
and last Thursday was my friend's birthday..
We celebrated his birthday at nearby USM..
Previously the shop name was Tic Tac Toe but now change to the another name..
Happy Birthday, Mr. Stitch Soon..


29/09/2014 (Monday)

假期的两个月 每天都忙于工作

院长很好 对我们每个老师就好像是她自己的女儿
从她的身上可以闻到妈妈的味道 而不是一名老板的味道

短短的一个月 却让我学到很多不一样的东西
想哭就大声哭 想笑就大声笑

从他2岁半就被送来这里了 那时的他只会哭闹
但现在的他已经5岁了 也懂得很多东西了
但我想告诉他:Miss Puah 从来没有忘记你 
第一次他的妈妈送他来幼儿园时 我就很疼爱她了

好啦 回来大三生的生活
因为某些原因 到了最后一刻没有得到宿舍
幸好哥哥住在离大学不远处 所以就直接搬去他的家
接下来的两年生活里的开销 我想必定会增加了
有了车子 又要打油维修费
有了Broadband 每个月就必须缴纳RM68

一个人出来住后 真的比在宿舍感觉良好
因为回到家 就可以看见自己的家人
有厨房 有电视机 家里什么都不缺
至于友谊方面 也感觉良好
我们还是一样 可以开开玩笑 下课后还可以一起吃东西
偶尔去一下姐妹的房间 谈谈天
原来 朋友不一定要每天参在一起
偶尔聚一聚 也可以让彼此的感觉增加

来到了第4个星期了 所有的功课和Assignments 都像蜜蜂那样慢慢飞向我
加油吧。。再多2年 就毕业了。。

Year2 Semester2 Result Day

25/07/2014 (Friday)
25th of July is USM's real result day...
Start from 9 o'clock in the morning, we can check our result via campus online which is USM student portal..
and I believe some of USM students will post something related to their result in the Facebook...

First of all, let's me congrats to those are getting Dean List in this semester including me..
I was shocked when I first checked my result and could not believe it is my real result...
Because I never expect I could get Dean List again..
Before that, I knew myself answer not well in the final exam...
I even did some mistakes in the examination and felt upset for a few days...
I blamed myself why I should not put more effort to score the subject...
I also expected myself getting worse grade or low pointer in this semester..
But until today, I felt surprised when I saw my result with my own eyes..
Thanks GOD.. 

Management Accounting- A
Entrepreneurship- A
Japanese Level 2- A
Human Resource Management- A-
Managerial Psychology- A-
Social Psychology- B+
LSP403 English for Business and Communication- B

and the result for this semester (GPA) is 3.67 which is has been increased about 0.08 compared with last semester (3.59)..
Just hope my result can maintain in this pointer and do not drop again..
I wish to push my CGPA into First Honour Class if possible..
Just hope what I wish can be achieved in final year..

Lastly, I feel proud to say that: I'm third year Management student..
Goodbye, second year of university..
and continue to add oil in your studies, Wern Sing...

Two Months Holiday...

30/6/2014 (Monday)

Yay !!! It's my holiday... A simple yet boring two months holiday..
Plan to find a sampling job to fulfill my time but I was informed that there is no sampling job during this 'Puasa' month...But I found a skincare promoter job in Facebook..
Only work for two days for the continuously three weekends...
I think this job more suitable for me compared with standing in the mall everyday...
Due to several reasons, I rejected the part-time job which I applied at Star Parade on last Saturday...

As I mentioned in the previous blog..I planned back to my previous workplace which is kindergarten for working...But unfortunately, there is enough teachers for my headmaster and I was informed that only can back to there on August.. So I'm totally free on July month.. 
What should I do on July to fulfill my time at home?
Learn cooking?? Sleeping until afternoon?? Watching all the Taiwan and HongKong drama that I miss??
Well, I have no idea ~!!!

Let's talk back the mood when I'm officially finished my two years university student life..
Still have two years to go to finish my degree life..
The time was passing so fast...and it seems yesterday's thing when I flashed back the moment when I stepped into USM in the first day of orientation day..
Not enough sleeping time during the whole orientation week and we need to walking around whole campus due to no bus service in that period...
First time I stepped into lecture hall and start my first class...
First time I joined CNY event as my first activity in my university life...
First time I went out to Prangin Mall with 10 coursemates by rapid Penang...
First time I celebrated my coursemate's birthday at outside campus..
First time I stepped into USM's new library which is very wide compared with my previous form6 school's library...
All of these became my memories in my uni life...
and it's might happen only one time in your uni life...
So please do appreciate the 'first-time' you have when you step into university..

These two years uni life...I faced a lot of things and problems in communicating with others..
It is different with what you face in your primary, secondary and tertiary school...
All of your friends might come from different state or country so there is a communication problem may happen on you...
It's depend on the way you handle the problem and figure out the best solution..
If you are able to solve the problem, then I would say 'Congratulation'..
While if you're not able, then I would say treat it as your life lesson..
Because you may face it again in your future working life..
***Human is a complicated animals***

Year 2 Semester 2 is coming to an END...

21/06/1014 (Friday)

Some people are starting to enjoy their two months holiday but I'm......
Still having one paper to go.. and it is on next Thursday (26/6/2014)..
Not willing to stay at my hostel alone because my roommate is going back to hometown..
So, I decided to move all my stuff back to my hometown first and come to USM again on next Wednesday..
6 papers DOWN... Left 1 paper to go...
But I'm starting to look forward for my two months holiday...
Two months... Oh My God.. It's a quiet long holiday for me if I just sitting in the home...
Plan to find a part-time job and get some pocket money...
Become a teacher again?? Well, I hope that my kindergarten headmaster is willing to recruit me again...
As I more love children..because I like their naive and they seem nothing to worry about in their life...
Just cry whenever they like... Laugh whenever they want... Say out anything they wish to say...
Anyway, I love children so much...

Well, let's throwback to the moment on Monday night...
After had my Entrepreneurship exam on evening, I was invited to go to Butterworth to enjoy dinner at there...It was exciting when I knew they're going to eat famous tomyam at Raja Uda nearby Butterworth..
We reached there around 9pm and luckily they were a few of people..
So we didn't have to wait long time after ordering the tomyam...
It's my second time to enjoy the tomyam at there...
While for the first time, the tomyam was delivered by my Mr.E in the midnight when he came to Penang for three days because I complaint to him I never been there and try the tomyam before,so he did it by delivering to my hostel...

After had our dinner at there...we planned to choose a place to 'lepak' because the time still early..
Friends from Penang Mainland started to think which cafe suitable for us to 'lepak'..
and at the end... 'By The Sea' cafe became our choice...
It is designed with beach style and main colour is in Blue colour...
The floor is covered with sand and the decoration of the cafe has beach feeling..
It's a great place to chill out with friends, relatives and even families...
With the soft music playing, we can enjoy the moment when we sit and chat together...
Each person is considered spend about RM15 with the dessert and beverages...
    Address:  6924, Jalan Ong Yi How, 13400, Butterworth, Penang
Business Hours: 3pm to 11pm for Monday to Friday; 2pm to 11pm for Saturday and Sunday.

 Chocolate Blended: Cool-Cool Mint Chocolate (RM7.90)

and Yes.. I spent my Monday night with these eight people..
They are my coursemates...
Felt great to have them in my university life...
Sincerely hope that we will have many chances to sitting and chatting together..

Finally, our second year uni life is coming to the end..
We become a third year seniors soon...
Should be proud or should be sad because we're getting older??
Depend on you... Hahahahaha..


Final Exam ----> In the progress

12/06/2014 (Thursday)

This month, not only 'June' Month...
It's my exam month too...

Just done two papers of this semester...
But it used all of my energy on these two papers...

First Paper
Managerial Psychology (Major paper) used my 100% to study it but not understand what's it talking about...
My dearest plus lovely lecturer wanted us bought master-level book worth RM100..
Luckily it was bought by using book voucher..If not, I just photostat it instead of buying..
I couldn't find any main point in the how could I write out the main point in the exam??
This is what I headache for it...
At the end, I chose to use my own word to write it as long as it makes sense..
then I think lecturer still can accept my answer guaaaaa (this is what I really hope for)...
2 hours paper and it was 4 essays to choose out of 5...
At first I thought I will not able to answer all because of the time constraint...and only for 30 minutes for each question..How could I able to finish it on time?
But when I'm in the exam hall..I just realized that it was too much time for me actually...
Hahahaha...Because I'm not able to answer it well...Speechless...
Only hope for lecturer will give us some marks although it is not the true...

Second Paper
It was on today evening...and just finished on 515pm...
Officially say goodbye to Management Accounting..
Seriously, it doesn't tougher as Financial Accounting...
because at least I still able to understand it and interested to do the exercise..
but but but... as what university students always say that...
lecturer taught you 'nasi putih' but when exam all of these become 'nasi goreng'..
means that lecturer mix up all the things and it doesn't same as what we had done in the exercise..
Oh my god... This is what I dislike the most..
I admit I'm not good enough in Mathematics...I dislike to think here and there especially calculation..
Spent two days to study for it and understood all the equation as well as memorize it nicely...
But then, what you had paid out for the effort, it doesn't mean you will be rewarded with what you had least I tried my best, then should be enough I think...
Hope that when the result is released on July, it will not give an 'ugly' grade for me..

2 papers are DOWN..5 papers to go...
and next paper will be held on Saturday morning...
English for business and communication...Hope everything is fine..
Entrepreneurship ---> Social Psychology ----> Japanese level 2 ----> Human Resource Management..

and then.. I would like to announce that I'm officially end my second year university life...
Third Year Life is waiting for me... Jiayou, Wern Sing...

Alor Star's Cafes

06/06/2014 (Friday)

To all my blogger readers, I'm back..
Sorry for quiet a long time didn't update my blog and abandon it directly...
It doesn't mean that I'm busying with something..
Just because I don't know what should I update for my blog..
Everyday passes my life as usual.. It is a good thing, right?
and recently, I'm doing preparation for my final exam...
Year 2 Semester 2 is coming to an end.. and I'll become THIRD YEAR student soon..
Feeling proud?? Feeling happy because of going to graduate soon??
YES YES YES... I always imagine the day when I'm officially graduate from university..

Studies is important..however, we need to find ways to relax ourselves and mind after studying..
Cafe hunting.. is my way to release my tension and stress...
2 news cafes were opened since last month in my hometown..
One is named as Caffe Diem which is located at Pekan Cina (Main city of Alor Setar) ..
and another named as Bon Bon Ya, located at Jalan Pegawai...
These two cafes have their own respective look and design..

Caffe Diem (Went there with my Mr.E)

Address: 6, Jalan Penjara Lama, Pekan Cina, Alor Setar, Kedah.

Bon Bon Ya (Went there with my 'sisters', 'buddies', 'best friends')

 Compare with Caffe Diem, I prefer to Bon Bon Ya after went there yesterday..
 It is more comfortable and relaxing when I'm there.. 
The prices of drinks is cheaper than Caffe Diem... 
So everyone who likes to enjoy soft music and wish to chat any secret things with friends, I would like to recommend Bon Bon Ya because it is really a great place to have a talk with ur friends or 'sisters'...

Address: No.129, TKT 1 Kompleks Perniagaan Sultan Abdul Hamid, Jalan Pegawai, 05050, Alor Setar, Kedah. 

That's all for my post for today...
Have to face back my books and notes...
and lastly wish all of us HAPPY STUDY WEEK..
and good luck for our FINAL EXAM...

Wooohooo..Two months holiday is coming soon.... 

Happy Mother's Day 2014

11/05/2014 (Sunday)
虽然身在大学 无法陪你和爸爸庆祝母亲节
但是 我知道我的妈咪不会介意 
因为你说过 没有庆祝没关系 最重要的是我们记得传个简讯 或打个电话回家 让在家的你们知道我们这群孩子 仍然记得这一天
唯一送给你的母亲节礼物 就是在两年前
那时的我 等着大学录取的成绩 所以就用工作来打发时间
有了薪水 就能买礼物给你了

人长大后 就渐渐发现小时候有多么地不听话
有时候 会回想起我气你的时候
有时候 会回想你当时对我说的话 但是那时的我却觉得你好烦
直到现在某个时候回想起你对我说的话 这时就会觉得你说得对
你总是教导我如何保护自己 如何不让自己吃亏
你总是让我知道外面的世界有多残酷 有多现实
你总是把家里打扫得很干净 放学后回家 脱下鞋子袜子 踏到的地上是干净的
还有你会煮我们爱吃的菜 蒸我爱吃的鱼 炖我爱喝的汤
因为你说 在大学我没得吃那么好料的东西
上了大学 每晚最想念的竟然是妈咪的菜

记得4年前 我知道我真的让你们担心了吧
我知道你们很努力让我知道一段感情不只是你爱我 我爱你那么简单
我知道你们很想让我知道 不是所有男生都是适合的
要看好 选好 选自己最适合的 才能长长久久
我不敢违抗你们 所以决定切断那段感情
但那时我很伤心 伤心了一段时期
后来 上了中6 遇到了现在的他
是他让我找回那恋爱的滋味 让我知道原来我还可以获得允许谈恋爱
可是心中还是会对爸爸妈咪说的话 感到厌恶
渐渐长大了 尤其在进来大学后 看到现实的残酷
假如当初我不听他们的劝告 或许我就没有机会读大学了

我和妈咪 总是在家有说不完的话
每次打电话回去 她总是在电话的一旁说个不停
关心我吃了吗 上课到几点 几时会回家去
每次回到家 我的家就开始便热闹了
在家大声地笑 大声地喊 放肆地吃东西 出去外面玩
最值得骄傲的事有一个38的爸爸陪我一起笑 一起说无聊的东西 我们还会一唱一和
所以在家 是最轻松的

老了  妈咪爸爸都老了
有时候 看到他们一年比一年身体变弱了
身为孩子的我们 看了都会心痛
但 我们都应该明白 人此总会老去
我对自己说 两年大学毕业后 我这个女儿将会扛起这个责任照顾他们
我要带他们去游玩 我要带他们去吃他们想吃但又贵的东西
因为 我真的知道 爸爸妈咪为我付出的真的太多了
或许这一生 我都还不完这个债务


3rd Year Anniversary Celebration in Advance

04/05/2014 (Sunday)

Back to my hometown 4 days because of holidays...
and had my midterm until 30th of April...
Finally, midterm of this semester was finished and temporary say bye to exam..
But then, now is the time to rush assignments...
4 more assignments to complete...

Throw away all the studies stuff when I'm home..
Let's enjoy my 4 days holidays first.. hehe :)
Went back to my hometown on 1st May in the early morning...
Went to McDonald for lunch with my dear and got my magician hello kitty...
Only bought one hello kitty instead of two... Not that desire to collect full set of hello kitty...
Maybe because of the financial problem?? PTPTN is not enough?? 
That was one of the reason.. ..and I think that it is a waste if I spend too money in these kind of cartoon..
Although I love hello kitty very much, but it does not mean that I have to spend my money to buy it..
Therefore, I decided to collect two hello kitty only instead of full set...

And, sincerely thanks to my man..who is willing accompany to get my first hello kitty in this month..
He knew me love hello kitty so much.. He said that he will help me to collect the full set..
But then.. I stopped him to do so and gave him the reason...
Thanks for him... He did a lot of thing for me..and sometimes I really felt touched...

He is my man, my lover and my only Mr.E...
Once got my first hello kitty, let's me took a selfie first before brought it back to home...
It looks cute, my kitty.. and it made my day happy once I bought it..

What is LOVE? For me, Love is a feeling, a strong feeling that wish to together with the person..
The ones who you will miss the most in every second and day...
You wish to know what he is doing every time and you will feel panic when you know he has something happens...
I like to take photos so I wish to have a boy friend who likes to take photos too..
I like to smile so I wish to have a boy friend who also loves to smile every time...
And, I found HIM... Thanks for him never leave me alone in my life...

Sometimes, a couple will spend their dating by doing some 'noob noob' thing..
Just like US.. Like to find stupid things to do when we get bored in our dating...

Mr.E installed one apps called 'snap-clap' in his Iphone and suddenly he jio me played with the apps...
Felt happy and excited when I was inviting to take photos with this apps...
A lot of photos we took and some photos really look funny and stupid face...
But then, we enjoyed the moment we took the photos..
Our labor day's dating was ended with this photos..

Come to the next day... We decided to celebrate our anniversary early a few days as the actual date is 7th of May...We couldn't meet each other and celebrate it on the actual day so we chose to celebrate it in advance..
Went to Ginza Japanese Restaurant to celebrate it...We went there for lunch...
The Japanese foods are delicious and the price is reasonable...
So I would like to recommend all of you who haven't visit to the place...
Worth to have your first try if you like to eat sushi and Japanese food...
and the waitresses are courteous and friendly when they take order from you....

We spent our one hour time to eat lunch and chat at there...
Enjoyed the atmosphere of the restaurant very much...
I wish to visit there for second chance in one day soon...

After enjoyed our lunch, we decided to exchange our anniversary present in the car...
But before of the day...I have seen the anniversary present and he told me the way he completed the present within the time...and I was crying in front of him when he told me every thing...I knew he spent a lot of efforts and time to do this present.. It is a difficult thing if you do not have patience in preparing it...
He searched for help from his friend how to edit the pictures to be perfect...
He faced trouble when he get rejected by the company who is responsible printed out the present...
He sacrificed his sleeping time to prepare this present...
The present flashed back all the memories we have when we are together...
Thanks for him.. Really thank you very much...
You spend a lot in our anniversary as well...I Love you, my only Mr. E...

But then, I have prepared an anniversary present for him too..
We did the same type of present to each other...that is photo album...
The only different was he did it by using computer and I did it by DIY...
Hope he will like my present and keep it well...
My anniversary present for Mr. E

His anniversary present to ME

The celebration is simple yet memorable...Finally, we celebrate it successfully after two years...
It might considers the first celebration of our anniversary although we are together three years...
Thanks for the sweet present and Japanese foods... You treat me very well when the time together with you..
You never say 'NO' if I desire to eat something in sudden...That's the reason I will become fat during our holidays...
Although we couldn't celebrate it on the actual day but I did not mind...
As long as our heart always together and stick with each other...
Hope to have you in the rest of my life...

Lastly, Happy 3rd Anniversary to ME and HIM...Wish that we can stay sweet forever...

All is about HELLO KITTY

18/04/2014 (Friday)

Yesterday night when I was went back from exam hall after having Entrepreneurship mid term...
and saw one of my friend posted about hello kitty's room at Taiwan...
It looks nice and beautiful... and one of the most important thing is...
It is 'PINKY'.. The room is decorated fully with hello kitty...
Including the wall, bed sheet, table lamp, room shoes and etc..
All of these are full of hello kitty and it is pink in colour..
Pink, one of my favourite colour..

Previously, someone asked me the reason I fall in love to Hello Kitty...
It does not have mouth... It does not look cute and don't even know how to smile..
At the moment, I was hesitated and replied them that the reason I will love to hello kitty due to its colour, Pink colour.. and that's all..
So until now.. I still love pink colour very much because it looks sweet and relax...
Even when I went for shopping and bought something, all of them better in pink colour...
I will choose pink colour as my first choice...

Let back to the main topic for this blog...
I went to search the place that one of my friend stayed during her Taiwan trip...
Finally I got it.. and the photos made me felt excited and I listed it as my 'MUST-GO' travel destination, Taiwan....
The place is named as ' 逢甲馨之宿' and it only costs 1080 in Taiwan money..
Quiet love it when first time I saw it and wish to have my hello kitty room in one day...

It looks sweet, isn't it?? That's the reason why I love pink colour very much....

There is another staying place at Taiwan with hello kitty theme... 
It also named as ' 逢甲秘密旅行'... I think both of it are located in the same city area..
Ya,  looks sweet again, right?? If I could have this room in my life, how better is it??
I plan to decorate it with hello kitty for my future house...

Hello Kitty, Pink Colour... They made my night sweet.... 

Black Valentine's Day

14/04/2014 (Monday)

Another valentine's day in April....
Nothing special happens to me and it is still a normal day for me...
Went to class on 10am and had Japanese Language Listening Test 1 this morning...

The photos in above... I decorated it with colour papers and sticked it with double-sided...
Just a simple frame that I done for myself as present for this month valentine's day...
Actually, I'm preparing for our 3rd year anniversary present... and there are extra photos I washed out..
So just have this kind of idea to decorate the photos with the simple frame and put it on my hostel's table...
Just treat it as a motivation when I feel tired and bored in my studies in my room...

Back to my 3rd year anniversary present...
After having various ideas from internet and google, I had decided to do something which would be memorable thing in our relationship...and I think this kind of present is the most' must-have' present to every couple...It is not expensive because it doesn't spend a lot of money...
But, it uses a lot of time to think the way to decorate it and the messages you want to convey...
A simple yet full of memories present...Hopefully, my dear can like it and keep it nicely after got it...
But then, I won't say out what kind of 'must-have' present that I'm preparing now...
Keep it as secret first.... (If not, there is no surprise from me to him )
Stay turned until next month,May....

Okie lar, I'll stop at here because have to do revision again after take a break ...
Coz I'm having Management Accounting's midterm on tomorrow evening ...
Good luck for myself and all my friends...
And, Good Night everyone :) 

Mid Semester Break

10/04/2014 (Thursday)

读着书的当儿 突然心血来潮 跑来部落格

一个星期假期 又再那样地过去了
是因为不停地考试 让我觉得累?
还是因为回去以后 要面对的不只是一连串的期中考试 还有一大堆的assignments?
但是 我只想走一步 看一步
船到桥头自然直 对吗?

一个星期的假期 当然也不会亏待自己啦
每天当然还是会睡到中午才起床 因为这种机会在大学很少有
一个星期 就有2天是8点的早课
有时候 真的很不愿意地爬起来去上课
每早电话闹钟响起时 都会关上它 继续睡觉

每个星期都有一大堆的tutorial homework要做
有时必须出去present what you had done on your tutorial homework
但 每次出去的时候 心脏还是像要跳出来那样
连舌头都打结了 有时念英文的某些字都念错
为什么我会那么没自信 会那么紧张?
大学 就是要训练你的胆量 训练你站在前面对着大家讲话的样子
进了大学 我最敬佩的就是那一大班的lecturer 
因为他们教课时 就好像和我们谈天那样 英语一流 而且完全不会怯场

其实 进来大学后 我有想象过自己以后当上lecturer的样子
因为我觉得lecturer的工作好像很轻松 就只是跟着荧幕上的字念而已
薪水又高 又不需要每个小时都在教课 每天8点上班 5点下班

这个学期 拿了7个科目
读越高 就越难
但 还是要读 
因为 我们都想要毕业
还有2年的时间 要度过4次的大考 1次的internship 就要毕业了
2年 应该很快就到来了吧

下个星期的Japanese listening test, Management Accounting's midterm, 和Entrepreneurship's midterm都要好好加油...USM Second year Management students, good luck for our mid term exams... and last but not least, enjoy our holiday until maximum first before back to the reality...

My Best Friends In My Life

23/3/2014 (Sunday)

曾经的一年多里 我都活在充满怨恨的生活里
但 现在一切都已经改变了 3月19号那晚 我决定从今以后活得比从前快乐
一切的一切 都是因我而起

我人生中的好友 真的好像比别人都多了一些(不要脸地说)~

从小学4年级就这道你这个人的存在 因为那时我们同班 而且又那么刚好坐在一起
5年级 我们又不同班了 但是每当遇见 我们还是会对对方微笑
上了中学 我们又再同一间中学相遇了
那时候又参在一起了 每天一起下课吃东西 每天打电话问功课
就那样 我们5年的中学生涯里 都有你陪我度过
上了中6 我们又再拿同样的课系 又再坐在一起了
那时候的我 学会了驾车 所以有时候我们都会出去轻松一下
一起去补习 一起去看戏 一起读书 一起交心
对不起 我有男朋友的那一刻 我竟然没有第一时间告诉你
这件事情让我很后悔 因为我曾经告诉你要告诉你的
得到大学那一刻 我们又得知彼此读同一间大学
那时 我很开心 因为大学生涯里 又拥有你了
因为宿舍不同 你也有你的一班好友 我也不例外
但是 有时候还是会约出来吃东西 那感觉真的很好
你知道的 每当我有什么事情 我都不会说出来 而你每次都是很不要脸地乱我说出来
谢谢你 每次都是那么地不要脸要我说出来
只想让你知道 有什么事情 真的不要一个人去承受
因为你还有我 只要你需要我 一通电话 我也会跑去你的宿舍 听你诉苦
只因你是我好友 我的甜心

从中学初中一 我们就认识了对方 
你常常说 就是因为我的不要脸 去问了你名叫什么
就因为那样 我们就成了好朋友
同样的 中学的5年里 有你的陪伴 
你的聪明 常常帮我解除学业上的烦恼
你很独立 每天都一个人坐公共巴士去上学补习
虽然中2那一年 我们吵架了
但是不久后 我们又和好了
因为可能我们都还是小孩子 一点点就不要和对方好
到了中6 我们虽然同学校 但是你选择了理科班 而我选择了文科班
有时候 下课就会去你的班乱乱一下
不久后 你得了UNIMAS 而我得了USM
只用WECHAT说话 用FB说话
只想告诉你:不要再一个人去承受那些不愉快的事情 记得告诉我们 因为你还是我们的姐妹 知道吗?

我的妮妮 我们从小学就认识了
5,6年级的时候 我们都参在一起
但是 到了中学 虽然同校 但是不同班 我们又没有参了
中4那一年 我们又同班了 可是那时候你有你的朋友 而我也有我的朋友
那时候的关系 只是朋友兼同班同学关系
中6 我们同班了 而且还是坐在同一排
那时候  感情就慢慢好起来了
补习一样 上课一样 一起拼进大学
我知道 你现在在UPM 都过得很好 而且还很活跃地参加活动
那晚 我大学的新春晚会 你来捧场了 看到你 我很开心 真的很开心
你的科系是法文系 以后记得要教我哦
也希望你和你的男友可以长长久久 我真的等着你的婚礼
想对你说:我们的友谊永远不会改变 我们4人的感情 会比从前更好

大学的室友 也是大学第一个认识的朋友
以前 我们每天都参在一起 
但不久后 因为各自的兴趣 我们选了不同的语言来学习
慢慢地 读书时间就有点不一样了
现在 Major不同了 读书的时间更不一样
祝福你和你的男友可以甜甜蜜蜜 开开心心地在一起
想对你说:对你做的事情 我很抱歉 也希望我们可以回到以往的生活 一起吃晚餐 一起开心地谈天 还有还有 希望以后可以和你拍更多的照片 因为我们的合照好像比较少了

大学的第二个好朋友 上大学前就知道彼此了
但是 大学开学的第一天 还是不能认出对方
大学第一年 你住在我的隔壁房 又加上我们来自同科系 就那样参在一起了
每天上同样的课 就连ASSIGNMENT也同一组
过后大学第二年 我被派去别的BLOCK
距离你的宿舍有段距离 我们就很少去你的房间闹了
但是 唯一不变的就是我们还是约好同一个时间一起去上课
想对你说:你有一个很爱你的男友 很疼你的男友 要好好珍惜他 希望以后有机会参加你们的婚礼哦。。也希望以后毕业了我们还是可以联络对方 一起出来喝茶 ok?

谢谢你们出现在我的人生里 认识你们 我学到很多东西

White Valentine's Day

14/03/2014 (Friday)

经过了25天没有见到彼此后 3月13号 我们又再见面了~
那25天的我们 都过得很好 都有好好照顾自己~
每次看着日历上画上圆圈的那一天 我知道那是自己回家的一天~
于是 就会开始倒数 倒数和他见面的日子~

3月13号 那天我坐了傍晚的巴士回去~
到了巴士站 虽然你还没有到 但心里还是充满着期待和喜悦~
看到你的那一刻 我们面对面微笑了~
那发自内心的微笑 让我觉得我坐了2个小时的巴士回来 绝对是值得的~
谢谢你的拥抱 抱着你的那一刻 眼泪还是会不听话地想要落下~

3月14号 白色情人节~
虽然这一天我们只相处不到6个小时 但却是我一整天最快乐的时刻~
而你 星期6一大早 就回去你的大学了~
虽然不舍 但还是得让你回去~

这样的距离 让我们的感情更加美好~
这样的距离 让我们不再像以前那样动不动就吵架~
这样的距离 让我们都知道今后的生活不能没有对方~
这样的距离 让我们更加珍惜我们每一次在一起的时候 握紧着对方的手~

我的[他] 谢谢你一路以来的厚爱~