Excited for the next trip ~!!

15/12/2013 (Sunday)

Semester 3 is coming to end soon~!! 4 months to study one semester's subject~!! 
This is what we describe for our university life...
I'm a year 2 management student now.. and soon, I will become a third year and forth year student..
After that, I'm graduate soon.. Woohoo..The day I waiting for it since longtime ago..
Luckily, this semester I'm taking 6 subjects only..
However, Finance and Business Research Method are killing me right now...
I hate Finance seriously.. I couldn't know what is the reason cause me so dislike to finance..
And it would not be my major choices when I decide to choose my Major course next semester..
The more I dislike, The more I couldn't study and memorize it well..
Hope it can let me pass and I sincerely wish that I would not retake this subject again..
Pass this semester, and Thats all.. No more finance in my life...

Final exam is coming soon..This is what all the undergraduate student dislike about..
And so sad to say that, we need to exam from the second day until the last second day~!!
Just because of our minor course exam, Psychology is in the last second day ~!!
Luckily it just about 120 MCQ...no more essay and study case..Thanks God!!
I know that I should turn on my study mode..
But, the mind always tell me that, once I finish my final exam for this semester..
I will have a wonderful langkawi trip with my best friends~
I couldn't wait for the day coming...I wish tomorrow is the day for us to travel..
Longtime didn't gather with my Form6 Gang...Miss them badly..
I miss the moment when we study together, chit-chat together, and play cards together..
I can proudly to say that.. Form6 life, is the best moment for me..
and at that time, I met my Mr.Right too ~!!

My mind is full of langkawi, langkawi and langkawi~!!
Never try to travel with so big gang and so many friends before..
Hey, my friends, are you all excited and ready for our trip????

And, finally, wish me goodluck in my final exam soon~!!
Add Oil, Wern Sing !!

Happy 111213 ~!!

11/12/13 (Wednesday)

What a meaningful day for this whole year ~!! 
It is very hard to have this day and just will appear once in my life~
For other couple, they might choose to celebrate it today~
However, for me, it is difference and I just past it as my normal day~
Woke up in d morning, prepared to the class, took finance last quiz, and then backed to hostel~

Sometimes, I could not deny the feeling when I saw my friends have their partners beside them~
Accompanied them to have lunch and even dinner ~!!
And I will think that I'm a light bulb between them ~
Thatswhy sometimes I choose to be alone instead of facing this scene~!! 
Because I scared that I will miss HIM more A lotssss~!!
I understand that this is a test for our relationship and I accepted it since I entered Uni~
I also remembered our 4 years promise~!! No abandon each other without reason~
We must stay sweet although there is a distance for us, but it could not change anything to us~
We planned that after graduated will be together no matter wherever we are~
We also planned that we must have a travelling to oversea when we are earning money in future~
We also planned that we must have our house and car before we get marry~
So many things we planned and want to do it together~

Happy 111213 to my man, my dear, and my bb ~!!
Thanks for being together with me along this 950 days~!!
I Love You ~!! Stay handsome and happy always ~!!!