Happy 999th Day ~!!

29/01/2013 (Wednesday)

他 给了我不一样的爱情~
他 让我知道 这才是最真实的爱情~
他 让我很想和他分享每一分每一秒~
他 让我很想和他一起做很多很多的事情~

他 是我的朋友 曾经的同班同学 好朋友 兼听众~
每次我一不开心 他一眼就看得出来了~
每次我一不开心 他的心就能感受到了~
我承认 他每次都猜对了我的不开心~
但我每次都是死撑 对他撒谎~对不起~

还记得在Langkawi 的时候~ 他就是那样的一眼看得出我的不开心~
那时的我 偷偷在他的身边流泪了~
他就那样地抱着我 帮我擦干那些眼泪~
同时也陪我一起流眼泪~ 我知道他是心痛了~
结果 还是心软了 把心中的一切都告诉了他~
生活上的东西 大学的东西 统统说出来 心中顿时松了许多~
他总是那样地静静听我诉说心事 然后再必要时给我意见~
这样的听众 是我想要的~

大多数都会有吧~ 只是看大家如何去面对这些事情~
但不久后 我们都会互相道歉~ 再互相哄回对方~

999天 我们都选择了以普通的方式庆祝~
吃了一顿晚餐 再喝了一杯5%的苹果酒~

Goodbye, Semester 3 ~!!

17/01/2013 (Friday)

One month holiday is officially starts from today...
With the happiest mood in this holiday....
Especially when the moment you know CNY is coming soon..
Excited for it..although there is nothing special celebration..
However, I have chance to wear new clothes, new handbag and new shoes..
No exam for one month, no books for one month...
And I just want to enjoy my holiday until max...

One more week to Langkawi with my gang of friends..
Although there is some trouble between it..but I still hope that we can enjoy the trip very much..
Langkawi, we're coming....

Goodbye, Semester 3...

Final Exam of Semester 3 is coming to the END ~!!

10/01/2014 (Friday)

Five papers was passed~!! 
And this evening, I would like to say 'GOODBYE' to Finance..
Seriously, I really dislike to this subject and I don't even know what is the reason..
In the exam hall, when I saw the question, it just like something that 'it recognize me and I don't recognize it at all.. But I still try my best to ask it by using the formula.. Hope I can get B+ for it.. and That's all..
Finance, You're not my cup of tea.. I know it..
So, you are out of my major course list straight away...

Last Monday just passed up my Major Course List...
First Choice: Organizational Behavior (OB)
Second Choice: Marketing
Third Choice: Operations Management
However, I just hope that I can get the first choice only..

In the early of this semester, I still remembered the first day school reopen, changed to a new block and new room..
The first night, me and my roommate couldn't sleep well at all due to the new room's environment..
The first day school reopen, we didn't have any classes need to attend.. But, we need to register the class for the foreign language.. The foreign language I chose was different with my gang of friend..
Luckily, I have my sweetheart took the same language with me and we registered into the same class..
Japanese Language Level 100 (LAJ100) is the first step I recognize Japanese Language..
At first, it is tougher for me because every class lecturer will test us by spelling...
It made me need to do the revision for the language every night..
During the final exam for the language, although I know I might not be answer well for some question, but I told myself that I already tried my best and no more regret for it..
Hence at the end of this semester, I would like to thank her because she built up my confidence to the language and I know that I able to prosist to the next level... LAJ200..

Everything goes smoothly in this semester..
and I hope that next semester I would have more and more friends because management student will be separated into each major courses.. And I believe that we will join more time with our major-coursemates...So, I sincerely hope that I would have my gang of friend in university..
The best buddies in university life..Just like form 6 time..

Last paper is waiting for me on 16th January 2014..
and after that, I would like to shout " Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka"...
The Langkawi trip is waiting for me to travel and enjoy it...
The CNY is waiting for me to celebrate it....

Year 2 Semester 3, Goodbye Soon ~!!! 
Year 2 Semester 4, GO GO GO..

Final Exam- Half way to go ~!!

2/1/2014 (Thursday)

Happy New Year... Happy 2014...
A late wishes from me to the blogger readers...
Ermm..What I had done during the last day of 2013??
I think I faced two exams in one day.. It was terrible and horrible..
The last day of 2013 was my first day of final exam in this semester..
Organizational Behavior was the first subject to exam...
'Hafal' all the theories and then apply into the study case that given..
Elaboration almost 'boomed' by myself.... And thanks GOD, everything was fine..
I hope that the result would not be worst as I expected..
Second exam in the evening of the same day, LKM400- BM...
OhMyGod, I don't even know what the kehendak soalan the question want me to write..
I scare that I 'taksif' wrong the meaning of the question..Somemore, not enough time to answer the next part.. Feeling nervous and stress during answering the paper..I don't even have time to think what I should write for.. BM, Please let me pass.. at least C+ and above and then will do... I don't want to retake the subject anymore since there are many retake cases from senior..

The last night in 2013 year, as usual..I stayed in the hostel and countdown with the facebookers..
It was not a special night for me..nothing special thing happened on me too...
However, I still got HIM accompanied me through the phone and we countdown it together..
Exactly the time of 12.00AM... The fireworks were around all the sky.. Watched it alone with the happy mood... Happy New Year...

The second day of 2014.. It is TODAY... 
Japanese Language level 1's final exam...
Luckily  the question not so tough as past year question..
and I able to answer it.. I already tried all my best during the exam..
No more regret about it...Hope it can give me an 'A' for the paper..
Japanese paper is my hope to get 'A'...

Now...there are 3 more papers to go and after that I will have one month holiday..
But, I'm seem in holiday mood once I finished the paper...
Business Research Method and Finance is coming soon...
The more scary is Finance... I don't know how to understand it well..
I want try to be best friend with IT.. But, he always rejects my request..
So, what should I do for?? Seriously, need help in finance.. anyone expert in this field??
Finance, you are not my cup of tea... I hope that I need not to face you anymore after this semester..
You are not major choice...Get Away please.... !!!!!!

50% exam was done and 50% exam is coming soon..
Anyway, wish all of us GoodLuck and All d best in final exam...