Unexpected Result...Y3S1

17/02/2015 (Tuesday)

It is an unexpected day to me...
and today is USM official result day to USMers..
Woke up in the early morning, around 915am and get ready to check my result..
I had been prepared the mood to accept the worse result before this..
because I know how bad was I answered the paper during the exam..
Logged in to 'Campus Online' and first saw my CGPA...
Whoaaaa..Could not believe the CGPA has improved..
and I quickly checked for the grades of each paper..

Korean Language Level 1- A
Organizational Theory-A
Industrial Relations- A
International Management-B+
International Business- A-
Health Psychology (Minor)- A
Golf (Ko-k)- A-

and the overall GPA for that semester was 3.82...
It was so unbelievable until I kept on log in for many times...
Because I never expect this will be my result..

Lastly, never ever let your result affect your mood no matter it is good or bad...
Because result isn't everything in your life..
Succeed in studies does not mean you will b successful in your career..
Studies and career are two different things in our life..
and wish everyone of you Happy Chinese New Year and All d best in our future..

***New semester is coming soon, how come holiday passed so fast***