Third Year Uni Life

21/10/2014 (Tuesday) 

After a few weeks of semester reopen, now it is my mid-sem break..
But I think it is my study week instead of my holiday...
Two midterms are waiting for me...
One is subjective with essay and another one is MCQ exam..
I wonder why people said that OB major students will be much easier to cope with their studies..
I don't think so as I have a lot of tutorial homework need to be settled every week...
Especially my major subjects are really driving me crazy..
Well, I'm taking six subjects plus golf as ko k in this semester...
This is standard amount of subjects for our Management student...
I knew some people from other courses would not take so much subject per sem..

Before the mid sem break came, there was a mid term for my core paper (International Business)..
Although it was MCQ, but it was quiet tougher for me actually...
Exam was held only one hour and I spent the one hour to think the answer...
But, when I saw some of my friends spent around half hour to complete the exam..
I was thinking whether the exam is easy for them or this is my ability problem..
Every choices (ABCD) seemed similar and I faced dilemma in choosing the correct answer..
Some of them told me, if you don't know what to do with the answer, just simply look at which answer has the longest sentence and then circle it...
Well, I admitted sometimes it is work..but not for every time..Hahahaha !! Depend on your luck..
With this mindset and I've got A- in my IB midterm... 

and Last Thursday I just done my Korean Hangeul and Listening test..
After taking Japanese level 2, I don't have the intention to proceed my Japanese to level 3..
and I switched to Korean level 1..
For me, I still prefer to Japanese because it is quiet simple for me and the sentence structure quiet easy to understand....

What I am happy for this sem is I don't have any classes on Friday..Woohooo ^^
but there is a peak day for me with full of classes from 9am until 10pm on Tuesday..
It is the super tiring day for me..And I started to dislike Tuesday..
But luckily Wednesday is the happy day for me because only have two classes until 12pm...

I not really want to participate in any event just want to collect my MyCSD for my hostel purpose..I'm not longer staying in the hostel and now moving out to my brother house at Penang. 
I'm not interested with the events with MyCSD provided anymore unless it is related to my internship program ...
I just want to be a free people and don't want rampas the MyCSD from others like previously..

I feel lucky to have them to make my university life becomes meaningful and colourful..
Although I moved out to outside of USM but we still have time to join together..

One of my best friends is HER, Kc Cheng...
She is my best buddy, sister and friends in my life..
We knew each other since primary school and became classmate started from Form1 until Form6..
and now, we are studying at the same university..
Although we are not taken the same major but we still have the opportunities to eat lunch together sometimes..

This boy is also one of my hometown friend..
We knew each other since secondary school and became classmates as well..
I never forget you are the ones who never give up in teaching me on add mathe..
Thanks a lot lot..
Last Saturday night was his Orchestra performance..and I bought the ticket to support him..
Well done, my friend..

This is my gang of coursemates but some of us are taking different major...
Some are Finance and some are Organizational Behavior..
But we always have our lunch and dinner together..
and last Thursday was my friend's birthday..
We celebrated his birthday at nearby USM..
Previously the shop name was Tic Tac Toe but now change to the another name..
Happy Birthday, Mr. Stitch Soon..